I'm Steve. I'm a professional writer. To some, I may still be that crime blogging guy. I write terrible things no one wants to read because I am a Terrible Internet Person.

I've written for Village Voice Media,  Radar Magazine, The Daily Beast,, The New York Observer,, CBS's Crimesider, Tru TV's Crime Library and probably some other stuff I don't remember. I've appeared as a pundit of sorts on TruTV, MSNBC, HLN, NBC and CBS's 48 Hours Mystery. I also contribute supposedly funny tweets to No, I don't know why, either.

I no longer write solely about crime. If you arrived looking for some old thing I wrote, I probably don't still have it or know how to give you a link to it. I am sympathetic to your quest, whatever it is, but I will also likely not trouble myself to find the old thing. I apologize in advance--while I never rule out writing about anything, I no longer solely cover crime and that makes me, in general, a much happier person.

This is my personal blog that I fitfully use to post stuff nobody wants to pay me to write.

Sometimes you can find me here or here as well, depending on the content and my mood.

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  1. Steve,
    As I was reading about the NSA's ability to crack web based encryption I remembered the encrypted hard drive(s) seized from that scoundrel Duncan (JED). I've no idea if his drive was ever decrypted but if not, perhaps you have an idea about how to put the relevant parties together or if that is even possible. Best, Bob del Grosso


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