Saturday, January 17, 2015

I forget...

... What do you put on personal blog posts? Um--my daughter is using my Mac as hers has a problem with the screen. So I borrowed my old Windows laptop, which my son usually uses. I can do that because he much prefers his iPad over the laptop and typically only uses it for a couple of specific things--mainly drawing in MS Paint.

I'm writing this on the Windows laptop and to be honest, other than some minor mechanical issues with the keyboard, I can't remember why I was so anxious to give this thing to my son (full well knowing at the time that he wasn't as into laptops as he is tablets) and get a Mac. This computer works just fine, even though it's about 4 years old and I had to revert it to Win 7 after a disastrous upgrade to 8.

I guess I'm thinking that while I love my iPad and iPhone, when it comes to laptops, I may be... a Windows guy, after all?

Curls up in ball, rocks, staring.


  1. Replies
    1. Way ahead of you: this laptop dual boots Ubuntu. Not precisely the same, no, but I do like it and use it.

    2. No, I'm totally on the Ubuntu bandwagon, although I prefer one of its derivatives Linux Mint.

  2. Win7 went out of support for Windows updates last April so security vulnerability blah blah blah scary virus hacking things. You'd prob know more about your exposure, but that's why I got a new PC last year.


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